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Harry's Brunch Club

Welcome to Harry's.  We serve great Breakfast & Lunch (Brunch), but we also serve dinner on selected days.  One thing that we assure you is that the food is of the best quality, we only buy the best ingredients!  If it's not the best, we don't buy it.

Set in the heart of Epping Forest, Harry's Brunch Club is perfect for a bite to eat.  So come and join us for a Brunch like no other, the best quality at prices you won't believe!

The Best Ingredients

We want you to enjoy the best.  So we are at Billingsgate market by 5am, selecting and collecting the freshest possible fish for you to enjoy.

Then its a visit to Spitalfields Market to pick up the freshest fruit, vegetables & salad.  Veg is collected after the fish, so that we can pair any special fish or meat we have purchased with the accompaniments they should go with.  We never know what fish will arrive back at the restaurant.  Apart from our Cod, of course.

All of our Beef is Aberdeen Angus.  This is the best in our opinion, and ensures a great meal every time.